Above: I gave my impressions on the night and spoke to Busker Rhymes frontman Rory O’B. 

While Scottish hip hop’s popularity remains very much restricted to the underground, there is evidence that the scene is diversifying. There were two distinct styles on show at Saturday’s Art School showcase.

Ciaran Mac’s dense lyrical style was reminiscent of the boom bap pioneers who influenced Scotland’s first wave of hip hop acts back in the 1990s. Accompanied by DJ Kuts Cobain, his breathless delivery and hypnotic rhyming style had the whole room nodding their heads.

Busker Rhymes were no less lively, but their full band set-up created a different dynamic. Each song had a defined chorus, with rap parts generally confined to verses. However, their reinterpretation of classic Wu-Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest beats served as a reminder hip hop can be just as enthralling with live instrumentation.